Yana Tumakova

A project manager specialising in road safety infrastructure, policy, advocacy, education and campaigning with a long-term working experience in Africa, collaborating with international institutions and development banks.

Yana Tumakova

Yana Tumakova is a Consultant working on road safety infrastructure interventions.

Key Projects

Children’s Road Safety Education

Yana has conceptualized and co-authored “A Safe Way to School” for Liberian schools.

The book formalizes educative information on safe behavior on roads appropriate for children in form of a book containing a story, illustrations, exercises and handouts adapted to the local context and thematizing road safety problems in Liberia. The book should encourage the readers (mostly children 8-12 years old, school students) to be careful on the road, explain safe ways of crossing the road, to buckle up seatbelts as a passenger in a car, to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle and to wear bright clothes to be visible at night, among others.

In this context, Yana has steered the collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, including GIZ, Ministry of Education, Liberia National Police, Road Safety Secretariat, NGOs in the field of education (EDC, Rising Academy), Road Safety Volunteers among others. These institutions will be using such a schoolbook in their education and awareness activities.

125,000 copies of the schoolbook “A Safe Way to School” have been produced for public schools and financed through the World Bank.

Road Safety Awareness

Through her four-year-work in Liberia, Yana created and developed various initiatives for road safety awareness and education. Among others, she supported Safe Streets Festival, Road Safety Comedy Competitions, regular Media Workshops, Training of the Road Safety Volunteers

Safe Streets Festival 2019: The end of the year-highlight was the second Monrovia Safe Streets Festival with around 10,000 visitors. The festival has become well-known throughout the city, being supported by the National Police and a committed group of partners. Popular artists, a temporary pedestrian area in Monrovia, a running race, activities for children such as bicycle trainings and dance competitions make it a unique annual gathering for Monrovian citizens. Events such as this are still rare in the capital. Throughout the whole day and through all activities road safety rules are communicated to all senses making it impossible to leave the day without some learning effect. A song on road safety has been recorded by Liberian artists conveying the message in a memorable way.


▪ Professional with extensive management, communication and technical skills in development policy, sustainable infrastructure, climate change, good governance and road safety

▪ International work portfolio with bilateral government cooperation experience

▪ Focused problem-solver and output delivery


Master of Arts in International Relations & Development Policy, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, & Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences and Business Administration, University of Cologne, Germany, 2012

Master’s & Bachelor in Law, Finance & Taxation, All Russian State Tax Academy, Moscow, Russia, 2007


Russian (native)

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