Roman Barabanov

Manager at Vision Zero Sergek Project, Road Safety and Transportation Planning, Korkem Telekom Ltd. Transportation Expert at Urban Forum Kazakhstan Fund

Roman Barabanov

2019- Manager at Vision Zero Sergek Project, Road Safety and Transportation Planning, Korkem Telekom Ltd.

Responsible for the awareness raising of new road safety and traffic calming measures and approach . The Vision Zero Sergek project focuses on spreading Vision Zero’s Swedish approach to road safety policy and promoting new engineering solutions to calm traffic. 

Responsibilities include interaction with relevant government agencies to implement measures to improve road safety. Carrying out research on the condition of the road infrastructure at the accident sites. 

Working with the media to promote road safety. Development of graphic and animation materials to explain topics related to road safety.  International collaboration with NACTO and IRAP in the field of road safety education.

2019 – Transportation Expert at Urban Forum Kazakhstan Fund

Management and implementation of projects related to improving urban and transport planning policies, as well as improving road safety on the streets of cities in Kazakhstan.  International collaboration with EASST and EASST partners to improve road safety in cities of West Kazakhstan.  

2019 – 2019 Manager at Department of Transport Infrastructure Development, Road Safety and Infrastructure Planning, AlmatyElectroTrans Ltd.

Development of new types of safe transport infrastructure. Development of business processes for Almaty city transport sector stakeholders coordination. Responsibilities include liaising with city administration departments to implement a plan to build traffic calming measures and rehabilitate dangerous intersections. Working with media, activists and independent professionals to advocate for road safety issues.

2017 – 2019 Transportation planner at Transportation Analysis and Modelling Department of Transportation Holding of Almaty city Ltd.

Transportation Analysis and Modelling Department contributes to the optimization of public transport routes, analysis of the urban transportation system, development of public transport infrastructure database, recommendations for BRT corridor.

Responsibilities include development of public transport routes and their schedules, analysis of the efficiency of the use of rolling stock, development of a list of city sections for the creation of transport and transfer hubs.

Development and updating the database of public transport stops.

2016 – 2017 Specialist at UNDP – GEF Project «City of Almaty Sustainable Transport»

City of Almaty Sustainable Transport” is a 5-year UNDP-GEF project launched in 2011, in an effort to assist the city in coping with transport-related emissions by promoting the sustainable transport options and implementing demonstration projects.

Responsibilities include development of project proposals and assessment of the first bike corridor in Almaty, recommendations for Integrated Traffic Management Scheme of Almaty city, adaptation of public transport accessibility guide, development of official Internet – resource of public transport of Almaty ( 

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