Dmitry Sambuk

Dmitry is the Director of Development and Education at EASST and Managing Director of EASST Academy.

Dmitry is a skilled professional with wide experience in working on challenging and complex road safety projects with non-profit and governmental organisations.

Dmitry Sambuk
United Kingdom

Dmitry has extensive experience in coordinating and delivering a wide range of multi-stakeholder projects and campaigns, enabling effective communication, holding successful negotiations and initiating ground-braking innovations.

Key Roles 

Managing Director, EASST Academy

Dmitry leads the EASST Academy and has developed, designed and produced unique online e-learning platform on fleet management in cooperation with Cranfield University and IRU Academy.

Director of Development and Education, EASST

Dmitry plays a major role in growing and developing EASST, working with an increasing number of donor partners including the EU and the EBRD, helping to build road safety capacity amongst governments, NGOs and automobile clubs in the region and across the EASST network.

Key Projects

EASST / EBRD Safe Villages Project – Ukraine (2013-14)

Dmitry led and project managed the successful ‘Safe Villages’ project in Ukraine. This was a major project in Ukraine supported by the EBRD, EASST, the Road Safety Support Foundation, and the State Road Police Department of Ukraine, aimed at reducing the number of road casualties in the villages bordering the M06 Kyiv-Chop highway and road corridor.

EASST / EBRD Safe Villages Project -Azerbaijan (2014-5)

Dmitry led and project managed successful ‘Safe Villages’ projects in Azerbaijan. The project raised public awareness of road safety and reduced the number of casualties along regional roads that have been identified for reconstruction by the EBRD. The campaign covered the Agjabadi, Barda, Beylagan, Bilasuvar and Imishli regions of Azerbaijan and focused specifically on the R18 and R42 roads.

GRSP/EASST ‘Road Safety TRACECA Project’ (2015-16)

Dmitry facilitated and managed part of GRSP/EASST ‘Road Safety TRACECA Project’ including organising and moderating the first ever CSO panel on Road Safety at the EBRD Annual meeting 2015.  The success of this event led to EASST extending its network of partners into Central Asia.

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