Rafail Musaev

Founder and President of the Belarus Auto Moto Club (BKA)

Rafail founded the BKA in 1998.  Under his leadership, the club has developed a road safety strategy targeted primarily at young drivers and children.  They have implemented numerous successful projects cooperating closely with the road traffic police, government ministries and non- governmental organisations.

Rafail Musaev

Rafail founded the Belarusian Auto Moto Club (BKA) in 1998 and has built it up to become an active Member of the FIA. Under his leadership, the Club has developed a road safety strategy targeted primarily at young drivers and children.

The BKA has implemented numerous successful projects in this area, cooperating closely with the Road Traffic Police, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, and other governmental and non- governmental organisations.

Recent projects by the BKA under Rafail’s leadership have included:

  • “Safe pedals” to promote safe cycling for children.
  • Research into the links between disability, mobility and road risk in Belarus.
  • Road Traffic Police Training to promote effective enforcement as well as community and media engagement.
  • The production of road safety videos created in partnership with Road Traffic Police and shown across national television channels and in schools.

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