Poghos Shahinyan

Executive Director of National Road Safety Council of Armenia

Poghos is a road safety specialist providing advice to the Armenian Government and development banks on national road safety strategies and action plans.

Poghos Shahinyan

As Executive Director of National Road Safety Council of Armenia (NRSC), Poghos has been responsible for the implementation and management of road safety projects since 2005.

Under Poghos’s management the NRSC has been responsible for the implementation of the National Armenian Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan. The plan was devised in consultation with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Road Police, Ministry of Transport and international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, OSCE and UNDP.

The National Road Safety Council of Armenia was awarded an HRH Prince Michael Road Safety International Award in 2010.

Poghos has over 16 years of experience in project management and leading road safety projects in Armenia as well as implementing road safety strategies in other CIS countries.

In addition, Poghos has:

  • 16 years of experience of implementing donor funded projects on a national and international level
  • Over 15 years of experience of working in TRACECA, IPA & ENPI countries including Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan
  • Over 16 years of experience in promoting road safety education
  • Over 20 years of advocacy practices & experience
  • Wide professional experience in participation and managing projects, funded by various organizations such as FIA, USAID, World Bank, Asian development Bank, EBRD, DFID, Dutch Foreign office – MATRA, EASST and the private sector including Nissan, Renault and Coca Cola

Key Projects

National road safety coordinator appointed by the Government of RA EU EaP road safety observatory 2020 – to present

Coordinating the work of local team represented by key staff of Road police, Ministry of transport, Ministry of Health and Municipality

Road safety expert Asian Development Bank April 2020 – to present

Drafting the National road safety strategy and action plan for Armenia. The blueprint of the strategy is the vision zero and the safe system approach

Road safety expert, local team leader July 2019 – July 2021 EU, European Investment Bank, Ogilvy Social Lab Belgium

Promoting road safety in Armenia, implementing road safety communication strategy in Armenia, which including the development of the online road safety education tool (webinar) for kids of school age, which was successful with over 90% participation of all school kids of Armenia. The developed messages related to four specific road safety behavioural objectives has reached more then 19mln. People in social media with over 6mln. Reactions. The road safety education as compulsory came to agenda of the Government of RA

Building Road Safety in Armenia
November – December 2015, Armenia
Asian Development Bank

Coordinated the activities of the high-level delegation of Armenia to the 2nd Global Ministerial Road Safety Conference in Brazil 2015 and prepared a status report and action plan for improving road safety in Armenia. The report included draft recommendations for further studies, enhancements to ongoing transport projects (including ADB financed projects), and prioritised investments to improve road safety in Armenia (including possible future investments by ADB).

Road Safety Management Capacity Diagnostic Review
2015, Uzbekistan
Transport & ICT – GP, World Bank

Generated information on road safety management capacity in Uzbekistan to identify measures for improving the existing institutional framework for the implementation and coordination of road safety, undertook a diagnostic review of road safety management capacity, and made recommendations for short-term practical actions.

Regional Road Safety Action Plan for the Neighbourhood East and Central Asian Countries
2014 – 2016, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine
Consortium SAFEGE-IRD
Legal and Road Safety Expert

Implementation of the Regional Road Safety Action Plan for the Neighbourhood East and Central Asian Countries. Facilitated meetings with stakeholders on government level in TRACECA countries, analysed data, participated in preparation of the national strategies and action plan.

Action Plan, National Road Safety Strategy
2011-2014, Armenia
Prime Minister Office, World Bank, EBRD, 
National Road Safety Council of Armenia (NRSC)

  • Successfully advocated for the implementation of compulsory road/ vehicle insurance in Armenia and helped with the collection and collation of public data and addressed issues relating to causes of road accidents
  • Introduced ‘Road Safe’ road construction standards. Advised the Ministry of Transport to change road safety norms and road safety audits. These changes were approved by the Prime Minister of Armenia
  • International road safety and sustainability initiatives such as ‘The regional launch of the 50 by 50 Fuel Economy’ in Budapest, Hungary and fifth International Forum of Local Police Forces 2012’ in Italy

Poghos has also conducted the following international training:

– Acting as mentor to help establish local road causality reduction partnerships in Moldova
– Engaging with Police and local community training in Ukraine to improve pedestrian safety
– Expert Advisor for the EBRD sponsored project ‘Safe Villages’ in Ukraine


Bachelor Degree, Yerevan State University For Foreign Languages, Yerevan, 1990-1995

MA of Jurisprudence and Lawyer, Yerevan branch of Business and Law Moscow University, Moscow, 2009

MA in Human Rights and Social Justice, Metropolitan University, London, UK, 2004-2005

John Smith Fellowship Programme in Good Governance, University of Edinburgh & Birmingham, UK 2004

Road Safety Fellowship, FIA Foundation and EASST/Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable transport, London, UK 2009



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