Evangelos Bellos

Project Manager at Make Roads Safe Hellas

Evangelos is a qualified mechanical engineer (PhD) and specialises in project, risk and quality management. He is highly experienced in managing transnational road safety consulting projects, providing road safety awareness campaigns and education, engaging local stakeholders, building government and civil society stakeholder capacity in road safety.

Evangelos Bellos Greece

Key Roles Project Manager of Make Roads Safe Hellas Since 2012, Evangelos Bellos has been Project Manager at Make Roads Safe Hellas. He coordinated the EU SENSOR project and has worked on a range of other high level national transport projects. Senior Academic Adjunct Professor on Construction Management, Post Graduate Program at Hellenic Open University. Senior Research & Teaching associate at National Technical University of Athens School of Mechanical Engineering in Industrial Management & Operational Research. Key Projects EU SENSOR Project Coordinator From 2012 to 2014 he successfully coordinated the South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes project, an EU funded project (1.5M€) that achieved the implementation of the EuroRAP’s standardized protocols for the road safety assessment of 19.000Kms of the TEN-T road network and the implementation of large scale RS awareness campaigns in 14 countries of South East Europe. Tajikistan M41 Non-motorized road user and pedestrian safety analysis and recommendations Project Expert (EASST Expertise) As a member of EASST’s Expertise’s team he contributed to the implementation of a non-motorized road user and pedestrian safety assessment of the Section 1/M41 Highway in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The project was funded by the EBRD. Consultancy services in road assessment: RAP Communication and Implementation Strategy for Moldova 2014: Project Expert (Make Roads Safe Hellas) Evangelos provided consultancy to the Automobile Club of Moldova for the development of a country level RAP (Road Assessment Program) communication and implementation strategy. Green and sustainable cities projects Evangelos has provided consultancy services to ten (10) Greek municipalities for the development of local programs and investment plans that strategically address environmental challenges and increase energy efficiency at urban level. He has also designed quality management systems that helped municipalities to improve their project management capabilities. Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Planning and Public Works Evangelos provided consultancy to the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Planning and Public Works. He assisted with the implementation of the Operational Programme on Road Axes, Ports and Urban Development as part of the 3rd EU Community Support programme. Athens Metro and Tramway Evangelos designed and implemented quality management systems for the Athens Metro and Tramway Organisation. Athens Urban Transport Organisation Evangelos was Assistant Project Manager and Head of the Design and Implementation Team for the Athens Urban Transport Organisation’s programme to ensure effective crowd/passenger management during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Transnational R&D projects Evangelos has extensive experience in preparing, managing and implementing on EC funded projects, having participated in nine transnational R&D projects. Consultancy He has undertaken numerous consultancy roles in both private and public sector projects including design & implementation of quality management systems, developing managerial capability systems, implementing business models and business process re-engineering as well as techno-economic studies.
2004: PhD, National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Control Systems Department. 2000: Diploma (BSc & MSc equivalent) Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering. Certified Auditor for Managerial Capability Systems based on ELOT:ISO 1429:2008 standard. Certified Assessor for the IPMA International Project Management Excellence Award.
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