Chinara Kasmambetova

Founder and Director of ‘Road Safety NGO’

Chinara is the Director of Kyrgyzstan’s only NGO dedicated to promoting road safety and reducing road casualties.  She is also an Advisor to the Governmental Committee on Road Safety.

Chinara Kasmambetova

An experienced campaigner with an excellent record of success in road safety campaigns. Chinara has a wealth of expertise working with international donors on large scale projects including the EU and USAID.  Her journalistic background means she brings exceptional communication skills and media awareness to all her projects.

Key Roles and Projects

2020-2021: Project Coordinator, “Administrative Support for Post-Crash emergency response assessment and research study”, EBRD. 

Providing local administrative support to EASST in undertaking a post-crash vehicle collision response assessment in Kyrgyzstan to understand the capacity and capability to manage post-crash response. Within the project two virtual conferences were organised with participation of local stakeholders.

2020: Project Manager, “Infrastructure changes at Molodaya Gvardiya- Ryskulov crossroad”

Work carried out with local authorities and stakeholders in the Mayor’s Office and Bishkek Traffic Police to undertake infrastructure changes on the crossroad Molodaya Gvardiya – Ryskulov dedicated to children’s safety.

2019-2020: Project Manager, “Infrastructure improvements and impact monitoring in four crossroads and road safety training in Bishkek”.

This project carries on the work initiated and started with the Traffic Police and Mayor’s Office. Four dangerous crossroads for children’s safety were prioritised and chosen for improvement. Along side the second aim which is to educate children in road safety skills using the EASST Education Pack.

2019: Project Manager, “Supporting Safe and Sustainable Roads in Bishkek”, EBRD.

Supporting the City of Bishkek to improve the use of seat belts by drivers and passengers while supporting and protecting the road safety of pedestrians for safer roads.

2019: PARS awarded by “The Tony Pearce Memorial Award”.

This award was in recognition of a project or initiative by an EASST Partner that has enhanced road safety in the community through improved road engineering or infrastructure solutions.

2018: PARS awarded the Prince Michael International Award for achievements of work in Road Safety in Kyrgyzstan (UK)

Events organised within the UN Road Safety Week (2013,2015,2017, 2019, 2021) and an event organised every year for the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (21 November). 

Founder and Director of ‘Road Safety NGO’

Road Safety NGO promotes road safety through education, advocacy and awareness campaigns. The organisation works to improves road safety governance, develop public policy, influence road user behaviour, encourage improvements in driver training and promote sustainable mobility. Its campaigns and educational projects help to reduce road deaths and injuries.

Member of the Road Safety Commission led by the Vice Prime Minister

Chinara was invited to join the Government’s Road Safety Commission in 2015.  The Road Safety Commission brings together the Road Traffic Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other key ministries.  She has worked closely with the Committee helping to devise and deliver their work plan for 2015-2017 which focuses on child safety on the roads.

National Co-ordinator for the EU TRACECA II project on road safety ‘Global Partnership on Road Safety’ (partners included The Red Cross and Crescent societies and EASST)

Chinara organised high level seminars including international and governmental participation taking full responsibility for all aspects of the events management including curating content, securing participants, budgeting, reporting and media coverage.

Member of Personnel Selection Commission of the Traffic Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs

Chinara was appointed as a member of the Personnel Selection Commission of the Traffic Police in February 2015. This role places Chinara in an excellent position to work with the Traffic Police on vital road safety and enforcement issues.  Chinara has used this position to help reform the selection process and to increase young recruits knowledge of traffic regulations and enforcement.

Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Council acts as a key institution between the Ministry and society. In her capacity as a Council Member, Chinara has made key recommendations to improve the work of the Traffic Police.


MBA, International School of Business and Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic

BA in History and Social Sciences, Kyrgyz State University

Occupational Road Safety Course, Cranfield University. London

FIA Foundation Fellowship Programme on Road Safety, London

John Smith Fellowship Programme, Democracy and Good Governance, London


Kyrgyz, English and Russian

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