Alaster Barlow

Alaster is a freelance Road Safety Engineer. He has over 29 years road safety engineering, education and strategy experience, in both the public and private sectors. He has been involved in projects in the UK, Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Alaster Barlow
United Kingdom

Alaster has carried out over 1500 road safety audits across the UK, as well as being involved in identification, design and implementation of local safety schemes, traffic calming, safer routes to school, controlled parking zones and other traffic management. This work was carried out on behalf national and local highway authorities as well as private sector consultancies and developers. He has a long-standing association with iRAP, EuroRAP and the Road Safety Foundation and has been involved in Safe Systems based projects in the UK and overseas.

Internationally, he has been involved in writing and implementing National and Regional Road Safety Action plans and strategies, completing road safety audits on several hundred kilometres of new and rehabilitated roads and trained local engineers in Accident Investigation and Prevention techniques and Road Safety Audit.

He is a member of PIARC (World Road Association) Technical Committee C1 – National Policies and Programmes, responsible for the updating and dissemination of a global road safety manual and promoting the Safe Systems approach, particularly to low and middle-income countries. He has presented at international conferences on various road safety related topics, including the iRAP star rating methodology, both in design and on existing networks, and the Safe System approach.

Key roles and projects:

Technical Director – Road Safety at AECOM
November 2013 – November 2017
Responsible for the co-ordination of AECOM’s Road Safety activities in UK and Republic of Ireland, managing expansion of road safety activities in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa.

Director – FourPoint Ltd (Independent specialist)
August 2001 to November 2013

  • Safety audits at all stages (UK and overseas), schemes varying in complexity from pedestrian  crossings to motorway widening, approved by Highways Agency, National Roads Authority (Republic of Ireland) and Transport for London as Safety Audit Team Leader
  • Safety Audit of existing roads for the Municipality of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Accident black spot investigation and redesign, signing and marking project and linear village studies, Romania
  • Road Maintenance and Safety Programme – Safety Audit, Eritrea
  • Land Transport Safety and Security – Regional Road Safety Action Plan (12 Central Asia and   South Caucasus Countries)
  • Road Safety Technical Assistance (Serbia)
  • Data collection and safety engineering advice (Moldova)
  • Road Safety Technical Assistance (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Safety Audit of Pedestrian Guardrail removal – Greater London (900 sites)
  • Accident investigation and analysis
  • Remedial measure design
  • Safety reviews for developers
  • Assessment of schemes for Government funding (Mixed Priority Routes project)
  • Safer Routes to School
  • Walking Bus projects
  • CPZ design
  • Traffic calming design
  • Design of general traffic management schemes
  • Public exhibitions and consultation

Independent Road Safety Engineer  – UK based 2001-2013
Team Leader/ Principal road safety engineer

Arup, BWB Consulting, Denis Wilson Partnership, Jubb Consulting Engineers, Halcrow, Hyder, London Road Safety Unit, TfL,  Milton Keynes Council, Mott Mcdonald, Scott Wilson, WSP

  • Accident investigation studies and design of remedial measures
  • Safety audit on motorway, trunk, and local roads
  • Input into road safety awareness campaigns e.g. seat belt use, mobile phone use, helmet use by pedal & motor cyclists, safer routes to schools and use of pedestrian crossings
  • Safety Audit of road schemes on Transport for London Road Network
  • Recognised as Safety Audit Team Leader by the Highways Agency and Transport for London

Road Safety Specialist – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Improving Road Safety in Moldova
IMC Worldwide Ltd
Moldova, 2013

  • Conducting Road Safety Audits for R33 Hincesti-Lapusna-M1 section, M3 Slobozia Mare Bypass, R14 Balti – Sarateni, R9 Soroca – Arionesti and R34 Hînceti-Leova-Cantemir road sections for the construction designs, in line with the EU Road Safety Directive
  • Determining potential road safety issues for the road sections previously financed by the Bank
  • Identifying opportunities on capacity building and improvements in road safety regulations
  • Management of local staff

Road Safety Specialist – Asian Development Bank

TA 45169-002 KGZ: CAREC Corridor 3 (Bishkek-Osh Road) Improvement Project, Phase 4
Kocks Consult GmbH
Kyrgyzstan, 2013

  • Obtaining and reviewing all necessary information, accident data, reports, proposals already prepared, strategies, action plans and conducting associated review and analyses
  • 5 Pilot Blackspot analysis Projects – five sites on Deng Xiaopeng Road, Bishkek
  • Preparation of road safety programs on Bishkek-Osh road, including analysis of accident data
  • Advisory support, on-the-job training and knowledge transfer to the counterpart staff
  • Ensuring integration of road safety components into the project design
  • Preparation of a road safety brochure for the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Management of local staff

Road Safety Expert – World Bank
Corridor X Highway Project – Road Safety Technical Assistance

Louis Berger Group
Serbia, 2012

  • Implementation of improvements to crash database
  • Pilot projects, involving local engineers, for Road Safety Audit and Black Spot treatment
  • Training in Collision analysis, Black Spot Management, Road Safety Audit and Safer Road Design
  • Preparation of National Road Safety Strategy
  • Road Safety capacity building within relevant stakeholder agencies
  • Management of local staff

Deputy Team Leader – World Bank
Kyrgyzstan Road Safety Project
Safege / NEA
Kyrgyzstan, 2012

  • Preparation of National Road Safety Strategy and five-year Action Plan
  • Training in Collision analysis, Black Spot Management, Road Safety Audit, Pilot Black Spot treatment programme
  • Liaison with national stakeholders on accident data, analysis, safety audit and education.
  • Assessment of training and capacity requirements for Traffic Police, engineers and teachers.

Road Safety Engineer – iRAP / EuroRAP
Moldova, 2010

  • Liaison with Police and State Roads Authority on accident and traffic data collection
  • Input into preliminary designs for a road rehabilitation project

Key Expert – Road Safety – EUROPEAID
TRACECA “Land Transport Safety and Security”

Safege / NEA
2009 – 2012
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

  • Preparation of Regional Road Safety Action Plan
  • Liaison with TRACECA member states on accident data gathering, analysis and use for accident investigation and prevention.
  • Assessment of training requirements for local engineers in accident analysis, accident remedial scheme design and road safety audit.
  • Input into road safety awareness campaigns; eg. seat belt use and drink driving prevention.
  • Contributions to website to disseminate road safety publicity materials throughout the region.
  • Making presentations to regional conferences on behalf of the project
  • Management of local staff

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